Rummy On Mobile, Your Personal Digital Club
In your Pocket!

Rummy On Mobile. Your Personal Digital Club, in your Pocket!

Rummy is now the fastest growing online game played across India. There are many variants in rummy, 13 card rummy is the most famous game followed by 21 card rummy.

You can now install a rummy app and play rummy on the go. Once you register at, you will be awarded free chips which guarantees you unlimited entertainment and fun. These free chips can neither be cashed nor transferred. Get ultimate rummy experience on your mobile playing with thousands of rummy players across the world.

Rules of the game

  • At least 2 players are required to play rummy at Adda52Rummy
  • The number of players playing rummy along with you on the table can vary between 2 to 6 players
  • For Pool, points and deals rummy, 2 decks of 52 cards in each deck are used. Picture joker being additional
  • The regular rules of rummy are applicable here where you need to arrange the game in 1 pure sequence, and rest of the card with or without joker sequence
  • Open Joker and picture joker can be used to create impure sequence where ever necessary
  • Pure sequence should be formed with 3 or more cards

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